For bookings and sets;

** GU RADIO **
- My own radio-show for the GU-boards !!
Filled with humor, songs, intervieuws, news etc etc !!

** GU Radio - The SoundBoardS **
BlackNinja BNX's (GU) quest to try and make me look even more foolish
After eqach GUR-episode, there's a soundboard made with loads of funny cuts :P
Go check them out! (soundboards will be hosted here in a lil while)

** Anoa Beta **
-The band from a good friend of mine
Check out their demo's on the site!

** DJ TOP 100 **
-The official world-wide DJ top 100,
check all the Dutchies eh, now who's ya daddy :P
Special CHEERS to DJ TIESTO (NL, duuuuh !! ), 3 times #1 !!