ALL pictures, drawings, sprites, artwork etc that you will find on
this entire site is all copyrighted.
Before you want to use them without permission;
you will need to properly ask permission through the contact part.
Most artwork and spriting is from 'JoeFalco' and 'BlackNinja BNX'
(members of the GU-community.)

Other relevant artits are 'Snypa', 'Seether', and 'Guardian'.
Nothing will be ripped, stolen, copied, saved or re-used
in any kind of way without written confirmation from the source.
All of those requests can be send to

The only exceptions are that GU-members and BS-members who are assigned
to one of the projects like BSilly3D, can make free use of all sprites
for the development of the project(s).

All sprites and other pictures remain the property of their original creators.

2000-2005, BSilly & BSoft™.