[PRJCT] = Project related news
[RL] = Real Life
[GU] = GU related news
[RLS] = release (GUradio, project-demo, etc)
[UPD] = Site-update

October 17 [UPD] Moved to new server-cluster.
Should be even faster now!
July 31 [UPD] Date error fixed
Dec 06 [RL] YEAH! We finally got ourselves a new HOUSE! On January 5th we should get the keys! Thats a thurday so we got the whole weekend to paint, paper the walls, etc :)
Dec 05 [UPD] Well, finally some good news! :) I have been a bit silent here, but I've now updated a load of stuff, added a guestbook, fixed some bugs, altered scripts etc. Take a look around, and bs@blackspark.nl is open for all suggestions, bug-reports etc :)
Aug 06 [RLS] BS.nl is aired!! Time for the beta-testers
to start kicking me around :P
July [UPD] Development started on blackspark.nl, on the doughter-site and the free hosting for developpers from BSilly3d.