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This is the home of Black Spark (BS), tribe-leader of the 'BSilly Drunk Monkey arMY'.
BSilly monkeys are very cute little monkeys who browse the net and the real world in their infinite beer-searching quest.
They are very naughty and play tricks almost 24/7. They mean absolutely no harm though, however they can get carried away after some kegs.
On the other hand they're there for you when you need help or comfort in any way,
but people with a fridge filled with beer will get higher priority (for obvious reasons)
Hee Hee Hee
Lower you can find a pic of what they are capable of when they had to much (or to less) to drink,
and what they might do get to their beers in Cybeerspace

Now. at the moment we have not 1.. not 2.. but THREE BS-fangames in the making!
1 is kind of on hold, an other is a kinda surprise by myself,(dont get your hopes up :P)
But then there's my monkeys at GU that are creating a development team to start on "BSilly3D" !! :)
More about the development here

Please take a moment for our main-sponsor: "Black Spark Banana-Beer"! One of the many comics from the main series by JoeFalco
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